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for wedding & baptism

ηλεκτρονικό προσκλητήριο για γάμοηλεκτρονικό προσκλητήριο γάμουπροσκλητήριο γάμου online

Invite your friends with style!

In an age where everything can be done easier and faster, My wedsite provides you with a complete and modern solution to keep your friends informed on your wedding and baptism.

Why should I make a wedding site?


With the wedding site you will impress your friends.

The wedding site is a unique way to invite your friends to the wedding. Its purpose is to inform and entertain your guests, before and after the wedding. Compared to the printed invitation that only includes the basic information, the wedsite will give a special perspective to your wedding and will impress your friends!


The wedding site will save you time.

All you have to do to create the wedding site is to give us all the necessary information we need and we will deliver it to you ready. The wedding sites are built by us, so you won't waste time telling your friends which hotel to stay at, if and how many will attend, how to get to the reception, etc.


Organizing will be easier with the wedding site.

Within the wedding site you will have gathered all the information you want to give to your guests. From basic information to which restaurants, bars and attractions to visit, the professionals you will work with etc. All the information will be in the pocket of your friends and they will be able to see it wherever they are.

Our best seller apps!

φόρμα RSVP

AI RSVP form


With the AI RSVP form there is the ability to show or hide fields according to the response of the guest.

βίντεο πρόσκλησης

Invitation video


Let your imagination free and create your own invitation video for your friends.

φωτογραφίες καλεσμένων

Guest photos & videos


Your friends will be able to upload photos and videos to the wedsite and you will be able to download them via Cloud.

live chat

Live chat


Chat with your friends from your wedding site, make replies, like, upload photos and much more.

instagram feed

Instagram feed


With your personal Instagram hashtag, your friends photos will appear on the wedding site.

quiz ερωτήσεων

Quiz game


With the quiz game on the wedding siteyou will be able to see which friends know you best.

ψηφοφορία καλεσμένων

Voting game


With guest voting on the wedding site, you and your friends will be able to highlight the best guests.

At My wedsite we offer...


Modern design

The wedding sites we create are modern, unique and user-friendly. With an emphasis on template form, new web design trends and simplicity, we make sure to deliver a modern wedsite to inform your guests in style! Check out our samples and if you have any idea we'd love to hear it.


Smart apps

At My wedsite we have the largest collection of wedding site applications. AI RSVP form, live chat, personal message form, guest photos and videos, Instagram feed with personal hashtag, quiz game, voting game, wish form, advanced location maps, SMS guest notification and many more applications.


Reasonable prices

The prices for the construction of a wedding website start from 100 €. We offer you an economical solution with unique applications, to invite your friends to the wedding and impress them in a different way. If your needs are greater, you can choose the Balloon or Rocket package to leave your guests speechless!

email ενημέρωση

Fast delivery

Delivery of the Kite and Balloon wedding site is within 7 days and within 14 days for the Rocket wedsite. Informing your friends is easy and fast by sending the wedding site link or QR code via Viber, WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, SMS or any other messaging application.

τεχνική υποστήριξη

Technical support

During the time your wedding site is live, we provide you with full technical support for anything that needs to be fixed. If you need to update the list of hotels, if the ceremony time or location changes, we'll make sure your page is updated immediately so your friends are informed too.

ιστοσελιδες γαμου