Modern wedding & baptism sites

ιστοσελιδα γαμουηλεκτρονικο προσκλητηριο γαμουηλεκτρονικο προσκλητηριο βαπτισης

Invite your friends with style!

What are the benefits of a wedding site?


With the wedding site you will impress your friends.

Wedding site is a unique and modern way to invite your friends to the wedding. It aims to inform and entertain your guests, before, during and after the wedding. Compared to the printed invitation that includes only the basic information, the wedsite will give a special look to your wedding and will impress your friends!


The wedding site will save you time.

All you have to do to create the wedding site, is to give us all the necessary information we need and we will deliver it to you ready! Wedding sites are made by us, so you will not waste time informing your friends which hotel to stay, if they will attend and how many, how to go to the reception etc.


Organizing will be easier with the wedding site.

Inside the wedding site you have gathered all the information you want to give to your guests. From the basic information of the date and location to the vendors you will work with, the photos and the video of your wedding. All the information will be in your friends pocket and they will be able to see it wherever they are.

Why build a wedding site on My wedsite?


At My wedsite we create modern wedding sites.

The wedding sites we create are modern, original and user friendly. Rocket wedsites become custom, with non-predefined templates, with emphasis on the design and personality of the couple. They include photos from the couple's pre wedding photoshoot and do not resemble a typical wedding site.


We have the best wedding site applications.

At My wedsite we have smart wedding site applications that you will not find anywhere else! Instagram wedding feed with personal hashtag, quiz with questions, guest voting, wish form, RSVP form, advanced location maps, recommended hotels, countdown, guest notification via SMS and many other applications.


You can get the wedding site for free.

We offer you the Rocket wedding site and the pre wedding photoshoot of a total value of 500 €, completely free if combined with your wedding photoshoot from Giorgos Evagelou. Giorgos Evagelou is based in Thessaloniki and stands out for his unique photographic style. He is available for destination weddings in Greece, Cyprus or anywhere else.

What are the steps to create a wedding site?


See all the information about wedding sites.

In the section Wedding site you can find all the useful information for creating your own wedding site. You can see our samples of real weddings, the prices of the packages we have, the services and applications included in each package with a short description and find the answers to frequently asked questions.


Contact us for the construction of the wedding site.

Contact us to solve any question or query you have about the construction of the wedding site and to help you choose the package that best suits your needs. With the confirmation of our cooperation, requires the payment of the deposit and then we send you an online form where you can fill in all the info we will need.


Delivery of the wedding site and informing your friends.

The delivery of the wedsite takes place about 3 months before the wedding, so that your guests are informed in time. Informing your friends about the wedsite is done easily and quickly by our company via SMS on their mobile phone. Of course you can share the link of the wedsite via viber, messenger or any other messaging app.

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